20180309: SPYSHOTS: MINI Cooper E on winter trials, 2019 debut

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    • 20180309: SPYSHOTS: MINI Cooper E on winter trials, 2019 debut

      SPYSHOTS: MINI Cooper E on winter trials, 2019 debut

      „An electrified MINI Cooper has been spied undergoing winter tests, and from these images it appears to be a fully electric test mule in three-door guise. We’ve had a pure-EV MINI before, in the form of the 2008 MINI E that was based upon the R56 MINI Cooper.

      That car, though released to private users for deployment in everyday conditions, however was on a field trial-leasing basis, after which the vehicles were returned to BMW for evaluation, which effectively fed development of the BMW i3. There has since been the MINI Electric Concept, which would appear to be a closer approximation of the car that will materialise from this test mule.

      Just as the original MINI E led to the i3, so the trail comes full circle back the the MINI Cooper E, which is expected to adopt its electric powertrain from the updated i3 or i3s. In its more powerful guise, the i3s offers 184 hp and 270 Nm of torque from its electric motor, which is fed by a 94 Ah lithium-ion battery. Having two pure-EV BMW variants could make room for Cooper E and E S (or, S E?) variants, aligning with the petrol line-up. (...)“

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