Auspuffanlagen JCW Pro Schnitzer etc für Japan zu laut?

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    • Auspuffanlagen JCW Pro Schnitzer etc für Japan zu laut?

      Gibt es den (AC Schnitzer) auch fuer den JCW = Soundfile

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      The JCW Pro and Armytrix are not available in Japan (and Armytrix is a bit too "gimmicky"), and the Remus is the one I am trying to get more impressions, data and sound files on.

      I actually did read something about the AC Schnitzer one on a Mini foum somewhere, but several people dismissed it as being way overpriced. Your post reminded me of this so I went and checked to see if there were any vendors in Japan and I did indeed find one - price is 290,000 yen (1700GBP or 2300 Euros). Though quite a bit higher in price that Remus system (Remus is about 30% less at 200,000 yen) I would still consider it if I thought it was the better system (Schnitzer too, only has sound files and info posted for the Cooper S, not the JCW)...


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    • Zu laut =O

      At first I considered the idea of fitting the John Cooper Works Pro exhaust kit for the Cooper S but it is not sold in Japan. Though I found a place that would import it for me, they advised against it since it would not be approved by Japan inspection standards (too loud) and I would have trouble getting any service done at a Mini dealer with it fitted. They suggested that getting an aftermarket muffler that meets the Japan standards like Remus, Supersprint Akrapovic etc..

      Wenns moeglich waere, gerne die Antwort auch/oder in English?

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    • I think this comment is selfexplanary.

      The only question coming up is why the MINI Service in Japan then should do a service at a MINI with e.g. a REMUS exhaust as all the exhaust systems are obviously too loud for the Japanese. I do not get the sence to be honest. There is no logic.

      The other question coming up is whether your friend will be treated differently with an exhaust from AC SCHNITZER. Also this exhaust will be too loud. May be the MINI Service will be different IF AC SCHNITZER is also a partner from MINI Japan as it is in Germany.

      Or do I miss the point?

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    • HotHatchCharlie,

      I can see its a very active forum too! My thanks to all your members for their opinions and help!

      I can't post on your forum but to answer one of their questions about why Mini dealers might not service a Mini fitted with the JCW Pro exhaust but would be willing to service a Mini with a Remus or Supersprint... I think this is a bit strange too, but what I was told is that the Remus and Supersprint units are approved for sale in Japan, meaning they passed whatever sound regulation tests were necessary and thus has whatever seal of approval is necessary (regardless of how loud they actually were) whereas the JCW Pro unit is not approved for sales in Japan and thus Minis with this muffler could be refused service. Personally I had never heard of this before (and I have owned more than 20 sports cars in Japan over the past 30 years, most of them with aftermarket mufflers), so I will check more deeply to find out if this is true for all dealers or just the one I talked to....

      Today I was talking with a Mini dealer/official distributor for Remus and they said that although the current Remus unit was designed for the Cooper S and the catalytic converter is slightly different, it will indeed fit the JCW with a simple adapter. Only problem is that on the JCW the difference in the catalytic converter often sets off a warning light that can only be turned off by bringing it in to the dealer.

      I also found out that Arqray is now working on a special titanium muffler made especially for the F56 JCW (first muffler of any maker I've found so far developed specifically for the JCW rather than the Cooper S) so I may wait a bit more until this one comes out before making the move..

      Been talking with both an official Remus dealer for the US who belongs to this forum as well as my closest Mini dealer (that happens to be one of the few Mini dealers in Japan sanctioned to do tuning with non-Mini parts and is an official Remus distributor) and learned a couple interesting things:

      1) According to the American distributor, the Remus F56 (Valvetronic) system that has been sold until now was for the Cooper S only though several people have gone ahead and fitted it to their JCWs

      2) He also said that the newer F56 Remus system is compatible with both the Cooper S and JCW

      3) The Japan dealer is now checking with home office of Remus in Austria to get the latest info and sounds like he is willing to bring in the JCW-compatible model if he can find and source it

      "Der MINI ist der Jaguar der Kleinwagen"